Monday, August 10, 2009

More Chrome OS FUD

Its amazing how much hype and bullshit is being generated by the Chrome OS announcement.
I just read some more crap here.

Their main argument is that web apps make your choice of OS irrelevant.
But if that was true, why did the cheaper, Linux-based netbooks fail miserably? There was nothing wrong with their browsers!
Oh, they say, but Chrome OS won't use bloated X! And will have a nicer UI with google pixie dust!
Eh? So the OS *is* relevant after all? Which one is it, friendo?

I for one, would love to see Google taking some share away from Microsoft, but that will only happen if Chrome OS is freaking amazing in every aspect.
No, having a working browser and being free is not enough.


  1. The reason the ASUS EEE-PC with Linux failed is that it was not marketed properly and it was killed both by the parts of the press, the shops and missing consumer help. People believed they were buying PC, meaning PC with windows. My Asus EEE PC Linux (901) did not disappoint me. It works very well for me and my grandchildren. But I have done some minor changes which could be found on the web, but not at ASUS pages. Similarly Nokia N-800 and N-810 has not got as much use as it deserves (also Linux based). The marketing is basically nonexistant there.

  2. Agreed. Chome OS would also need great marketing.

    > buying PC, meaning PC with windows
    Yes, people will happily pay the ~$100 MS tax to make sure their computer works like everybody else's.
    Being free is overrated. Google has a gigantic task ahead of them if they are serious about this OS thing.

  3. Linux greatest advantage compared to XP is the ability to run on the ARM platform and with less memory and disk usage, the so called Smarkbook. This makes it possible to create really cheap laptops that weighs nothing.

    I have yet to see smartbooks in shops but I suppose that is where Chrome OS is heading. Lets hope that Chrome OS leads to great ARM smartbooks.